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Environment Preferred LLC
“Good for You . Good for the Environment”
2083 Black River Rd.
Bethlehem, Pa 18015
Ph. 610-730-5649
Fax- 610-882-9891

Janitorial Supplies / Equipment

Green certified cleaning products
Core Products- Hydroxi Pro concentrate
Un-Believable Stains, paint, gum, adhesive removers
Stone Logix- Stone cleaner concentrate
H2O2 Concentrate- #117
Genx2 Concentrate- #118
Mineral Shock
Greasonator- H.D cleaner / degreaser

Sani-tech Steam Sanitation
No Chemicals needed
Mark I, Mark II, Mark III, MarkIV, Mark V

VOC Compliant Solvents

Soygreen Solvents-
Soy based Environmental Solvent Replacements
Graffiti Removers
Paint Removers
Adhesive and Mastic Removers
Stainless Steel Cleaners
Polyurethane Stripper

Water Treatment Products

Cooling Towers
Waste Water Treatment

Complete Line of Raw Materials

Solvents and Safety Solvents

Glycols and Heat Transfer Fluids
Industrial Maintenance products and Equipment

Industrial Cleaners and Degreasers

Food Plant Sanitation Products and Equipment

Drain Openers and Maintainers

Odor Destroyers

Disinfectant, Sanitizers and Restroom Cleaners and Equipment

Green Certified Floor Care Products by IDP Labs
Strippers, waxes and finishes

Floor Care Cleaning Products and Equipment

Carpet Care Cleaning Products and Equipment

Commercial Cleaning Equipment

Personal Care Hygiene

Hand Sanitizers, Wipes and Dispensers

Laundry Cleaning Products

Appliance Cleaning Products

Automotive, Industrial and Pressure Washing Cleaners

Aerosol Products- Cleaning Aids


Industrial And Automotive Specialties

Greases , Lubricants and Oils

Weed Killers and Insecticides

Swimming Pool Care

Winter Products

Bioremediation Technology for parts, Surface and Environmental Cleaning

Safety Products, Equipment and Apparel

Gum-Busters Equipment and Chemicals

Floor Cleaners and Supplies


First Aid

Hospital Disinfectants

Micro-Fiber Mops, Wipes, Etc.

Pressure Washers

Insect Repellants

Fraffiti Removers

Paper Supplies and Equipment

Environment Preferred is a leading distributor of environmental green cleaning products and equipment. My goal is to provide you with the safest and latest technology in cleaning products and equipment along with unsurpassed customer service.

If you cannot find it here, then call us at 610-730-5649 and we will do our best to find it for you or email you request to: Terrie.Schmidt@yahoo.com or Terrie.Schmidt@msn.com Sincerely,

Terrie Schmidt